On April 2nd 2016, was the Alliance Meet. One of my most favourite meets to date! This was a day that Instagramers from Canada and America came together to do one thing, Take Photos. One thing that 200+ people are passionate about. People that were in the photography game for years or people that just started out, it didn't matter people just wanted to shoot and be apart of this event. 

The Meet started at St. James Church (King and Church) that was the meeting spot where all the photographers came. The weather was very moody, Overcast and started to snow a bit but, that didn't stop people from coming out to the event! 

The walk then proceeded to the Gooderham Building (49 Wellington St E) where allot of out of town people took shots of the building. Both side walks where flooded with people it was amazing!

Next stop was the Toronto Financial District (King and Bay St) allot of shots were taken here ranging from street cars, TD building, look ups there was a smoke show as well. 

The last stop was Graffiti Alley (Spadina and Queen) it was getting dark and was snowing wet. In the centre of the Alley there was an Area that was lit and where they did a allot of light orbs and smoke shows. 

There was an After Party to conclude the meet at a Venue called Set (333 King St W)

This meet was well put together and well organized. It was the most fun I had at a meet. Part of this in my opinion is what made this meet good, is it started later, 5:30pm for the Meet and the After Part at 8PM. It was perfect time not too long not too short. 

#AllianceMeetTO 2016.

#AllianceMeetTO 2016.

I would like to Thank the Organizers and Hosts of this Meet:

@agameoftones (@kingy_kings)

@way2ill_ (@ericmarkdo)

@moodygrams (@so.shauna)


@celebratetoronto (@micayladoria)


@theimaged (@phives)

@imagesoftoronto (@jayeffex)

@6ixwalks (@evologist & @alexandramack22)


Till the next one!!!


Full Frame has changed EVERYTHING!!!

Since the Fall of 2013, I have been shooting with an Olympus System. The first Olympus system i got was a Olympus E-PM2 14-42 Kit. It was amazing at the time cause I just came from a smartphone. In January 2014, I wanted to get something a bit more serious so,I got an Olympus E-M5 Body w/12-40mm PRO lens. This system blew my mind! The build quality and weather resistance gave me more freedom. I thought i was going to be with this body for a while then Olympus rolls out their new body, The E-M1. I got this body on February 2015. This body was mean and the ergonomics was better than the E-M5. Also it had one thing i was dying for in a camera WiFi. The convience of having WiFi was amazing! I thought I would be done cause at the time I had a solid set up, 12-40mm PRO, 45-175mm, 75-300mm, 25mm, and a 7.5mm fisheye. One thing that always bothered me was this Low Light conditions. I tend to shoot allot in Low Light an it killed me cause, I would look at the quality of some of my friends shots and them mine and it would annoy me. The quality is far more superior on a full frame system vs a m4/3 and where it's more superior is in the dark areas of the photo. I couldn't afford a whole new set up so i just have to make do with what i had.

Until, one day i got a deal that i couldn't pass up. On November 2015 I got the Nikon D800 paired with the Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8. The first day I used this camera i was getting annoyed. It was big, heavy, didn't have a flip out screen, didn't have WiFi, and the live view was just horrendous. I honestly thought I made a mistake. I got home loaded the shots off the SD card (I know i should be using Compact Flash) took a look at the RAW files and I will tell you after looking at those images and the quality of them, I forgot about all the negatives. 

Point Blank I will say this if i had one regret it's NOT going Full Frame in the first place I honestly look back at all the shots i took with the Olympus and while they were amazing, I can't help but feel how it would have turned out with the Full Frame Setup.