full frame

Full Frame has changed EVERYTHING!!!

Since the Fall of 2013, I have been shooting with an Olympus System. The first Olympus system i got was a Olympus E-PM2 14-42 Kit. It was amazing at the time cause I just came from a smartphone. In January 2014, I wanted to get something a bit more serious so,I got an Olympus E-M5 Body w/12-40mm PRO lens. This system blew my mind! The build quality and weather resistance gave me more freedom. I thought i was going to be with this body for a while then Olympus rolls out their new body, The E-M1. I got this body on February 2015. This body was mean and the ergonomics was better than the E-M5. Also it had one thing i was dying for in a camera WiFi. The convience of having WiFi was amazing! I thought I would be done cause at the time I had a solid set up, 12-40mm PRO, 45-175mm, 75-300mm, 25mm, and a 7.5mm fisheye. One thing that always bothered me was this Low Light conditions. I tend to shoot allot in Low Light an it killed me cause, I would look at the quality of some of my friends shots and them mine and it would annoy me. The quality is far more superior on a full frame system vs a m4/3 and where it's more superior is in the dark areas of the photo. I couldn't afford a whole new set up so i just have to make do with what i had.

Until, one day i got a deal that i couldn't pass up. On November 2015 I got the Nikon D800 paired with the Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8. The first day I used this camera i was getting annoyed. It was big, heavy, didn't have a flip out screen, didn't have WiFi, and the live view was just horrendous. I honestly thought I made a mistake. I got home loaded the shots off the SD card (I know i should be using Compact Flash) took a look at the RAW files and I will tell you after looking at those images and the quality of them, I forgot about all the negatives. 

Point Blank I will say this if i had one regret it's NOT going Full Frame in the first place I honestly look back at all the shots i took with the Olympus and while they were amazing, I can't help but feel how it would have turned out with the Full Frame Setup.