About Me

Ever since Ashton got his first camera in the winter of 2013, he has been hooked. Photography for him is an escape from the real world and is a gateway to be creative and explore. It's a challenging hobby that requires planning, location scouting, angles, etc.

As he grows in photography, it has been rewarding socially as well. He has met so many people that he now call his friends. This why he loves photography: because of the challenges and the social aspect but, most of all, the freedom of expressing your creativity.

"Freezing That Moment FOREVER!"


-Amazon Prime Video

-Cadillac Fairview Toronto Eaton Centre

-Chameleon Digital Media


-Innis and Gunn

-Niagara Parks

-Prolab Canada


-The North Face 

-Tourism Toronto

-True North Climbing




-1st Place at 2015 Toronto Guardian Photo Competition